Autumn Leaves Infinity Scarf

Even though it is hot and humid here in North Carolina in August, I have already started thinking about Fall. I made this pattern a few weeks ago, in July, which is practically August, and that is just basically September, which is Autumn after all. The long runs of Earth tone colors made me almost forget that it was 102 degrees outside.

I was already a fan of this yarn, having used a different colorway in a previous project. That shawl can be seen here on my Instagram. Like almost every crocheter I have ever met, I started out using Red Heart Super Saver. It is affordable and comes in a bunch of colors, but it is not the softest stuff to work with. I always felt like no matter what I made, or how well I made it, it always ended up looking like it came from a craft fair in the 1970s. I think because of this first impression, I was put off of the Red Heart brand for a while. But then I came across Red Heart Unforgettable. This yarn is soft, oh so pretty, and has some of the best color transitions I have seen. With each shade softly blending to next, it doesn’t matter if your stripe ends in the middle of a row.

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I was lucky enough to get the two skeins used to make this scarf from a friend in my Sunday Knitting Group. She was destashing, and for the price of a coffee they were mine. However, like every time yarn is acquired without a real purpose, it sat on my shelf for months and months. Then, one day my husband was about to mail a present to his dad (a wooden picture frame he made), and he asked me if I had anything that could be sent to his mom. “I can’t send Dad a gift and leave Mom out, can you make something PLEEEEEEEEASE?” So I had my mission. I needed to make something that was nice enough to be given as a gift to one of the best people on the planet (I really have the best mother in law), but I needed this gift to be fast enough to finish in a couple of sittings. This actually took less than half of my Brooklyn 99 Season 2 rewatch.

The pattern for this shawl is below, but if you prefer a printable, ad free, version, you can find it here on my Ravelry page.

Autumn Leaves Infinity Scarf Pattern

Materials Needed

Gauge is not terribly important for this project. If you would like a wider scarf, you can add additional stitches in multiples of 6, or continue the pattern to make it longer.

Finished Measurements

86”x7” blocked. 86” is the total length before ends are sewn together. Finished and folded in half is 43”x7”

Special Stitches

Stem (V stitch): DC, ch 1, DC all in the same stitch

Leaf (Shell Stitch): 9 DC in ch space of Stem

Had to take a pretty picture before dropping in the mail


Set Up​: Foundation SC 33, ch 1 turn ​or​ Chain 34, sc in second ch and sc across, ch 1 and turn

Row 1​: sc in first stitch, sk 3, 9 DC in next, sk 3 sc in next. Continue across ending with a sc (4 Leafs and 5 sc)

Row 2​: Ch 3 (counts as first DC here and throughout pattern), DC in first st, Ch 2, sc in center of leaf (5th dc), ch2, Stem stitch in sc, ch 2, continue across ending with 2 DC in last sc. Note: there is no chain between the first and last DC of the row. (4 DCs, 8 ch 2 spaces, 4 sc, 3 stems)

Row 3​: Ch 3 and DC 4 in first stitch, sk chain sp and sc in top of sc below, sk chain space, Leaf stitch in chain space of Stem stitch below. Rpt across to last DC, 5 DC in top of turning chain. (3 Leafs, 2 half Leafs, 4 sc)

Row4​:Ch1andscinfirstst,ch2,Stemstitchinsc,ch2,scintopofleaf(5thDC),rpt across ending with sc in top of turning chain from previous row ( 5 sc, 8 ch 2 spaces, 4 Stems)

Row 5​: Ch 1 and sc in first st, Leaf stitch in chain space of Stem, sc in sc from previous row, rpt across ending with sc (5 sc, 4 Leaf Stitches)

Repeat Rows 2-5​ until you reach the last color change in the 2nd skein of yarn. Attach new yarn when needed.

Make sure you end on either row 2 or 4.
Final row
​: Ch 1, sc across. 1 sc in each sc, dc, and ch1 space, 2 sc in ch2 spaces (33 sc)


Fold scarf in half wrong side facing out and line up ends. Using remaining yarn sew ends together with your preferred method. I used a Mattress Stitch, but you do you.

Weave in ends and block.

Blocking Tip Because this is an acrylic yarn, I find that steam blocking is the most effective. If you have a hand steamer, pin the scarf to the demotions you like, and steam from end to end. Just make sure to get as close to the yarn as possible without actually touching the steamer to it. The metal plate on the steamer can melt the yarn if it touches.

Blocking took up my entire Kitchen Island. Glad my son didn’t need a snack!

I really hope you enjoy this pattern. Please post your pictures of Autumn Leaves Infinity Scarf and tag @MangoYarns on Instagram so I can see your work!

For a cozy cowl look, you can triple wrap the scarf!

Copyright 2020. This pattern is property of MangoYarns and its designer Bethany Miller. Pattern is for personal use and may not be sold, copied, or reprinted without permission. Completed items using this pattern may be sold


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