Premier Bobbins and My Largest Project to Date

I was recently at my local Michael’s store to pick up something for my grandmother, and of course I couldn’t go into a craft store without a stroll through the yarn section. Did I need more yarn? Well… no, but is that really the point? On the end of one of the isles my attention was caught by shelves full of these new Premier Bobbins, and was intrigued.

I have used Premier Anti-Pilling yarn in the past, and I have had overall good experiences with it. I have even been to the headquarters for Premier and their other company, Universal Yarns, in Charlotte, NC. The yarn is softer than most acrylics I find, and the Anti- Pilling holds up after multiple washings which makes it great for blankets and children’s items. So, when I saw these Bobbins, I knew I was going to have to get one. The Bobbin itself is made of size 4 worsted weigh yarn in 3 colors. there are two solids on each end, and a marled in the middle that is a mix of those two solids. With more than 500 yards on each Bobbin I found the $13 price to be pretty fair for easy color coronation. Could you get the exact same effect with three separate purchases of yarn? Absolutely. Would it look as neat? Nope, it would not.

Image credit: Premier Yarns

The pattern pictured in the end of the Bobbin is of a children’s size knit sweater in the gradient colors. it is simple and cute, and was all the inspiration I needed to get started. I rarely need an excuse to make children’s items. I often make things for my son, but mostly toys and blankets. Since we live in North Carolina, he doesn’t have much opportunity to wear knitted items through the year. However, my Sister in Law in Ohio has SIX kids under 11 who love getting random packages. So with a Bobbin of Peachy Keen and my favorite Chaigoo needles I set to work.

The Little Garter Pullover is a simple and fast knit. I really like how it turned out. There is a bit of a downside to this yarn. The yarn itself is very splitty. I often had to go back and fix stitches that were only on half the needles. I have not had this issue with other lines of the Anti-Pilling, and it was a bit unexpected. However, once I noticed what was happening, I was able to correct and pay better attention.

Here is a closeup of a split stitch that I didn’t catch in time. By the time I saw this one I was so far past the row, that I am just going to call it a design element if anyone notices.

Now as it tends to happen, I was halfway through this sweater when I started thinking about what else I could work on. And I had a burst of inspiration! These Bobbins come in A LOT of colors. And I have A LOT of nieces and nephews. So, what if I were to make a sweater for each child, in a different color Bobbin. That is 7 sweaters in sizes 12 Month to Youth Large. Each sweater would be in the same gradient, but each with a different color and style. Some knitted garter or stockinette, some crochet, I might even throw in a Tunisian. Then I though, “What about the rest of the family?” So I added hats and scarves to the list, and off I went back to Michael’s. I ended up buying 14 more Bobbins, and at $13 each that can add up. So, if you are so inclined to also make a sweater for everyone you have ever met, I recommend waiting until you have a 20% entire purchase coupon. Michael’s puts them on their app every couple of weeks, and for this trip it really payed off. I ended up saving $2.60 off each Bobbin times 14 Bobbins is $36.40!

My haul all set up in the guest room safe from the kitty cats

I have been knitting and crocheting for almost 17 years, and this has now become the largest project I have ever undertaken. Seven children’s sweaters, and 7 hats, 4 scarves, 2 cowls, and a shawl, all to be completed before Christmas. I MUST finish them all, because it wouldn’t be fair if someone didn’t get one. And I have to finish them this year, because kids grow fast and none of the sweaters will fit next year. I have a lot to do, and I am on the clock!

I am almost finished with my first sweater, and I will be tracking my progress on this blog as well as my Instagram @mangoyarns where you will find posts about projects, patterns, any super cute fur babies!

Ruth’s Sweater size 5T almost finished


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